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Jaifull is a mental health service for organizations, under the operation of NEXEP Health Solutions Co., Ltd. Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge mental health service that empowers people in businesses to understand and value mental health problems in the organization. We’ve accumulated experience in a Telemedicine service throughout these years, now we have set up our specialized team to develop health solutions with our belief that better health and good work start from a positive mentality, from that standpoint, we aim to put the customer at the center, we are committed to seeing everyone can easily access any form of health & wellness by their own. About our service, we specialize in providing integrated mental health services ranging from to SMBs to large enterprises by helping them gather mental health data, taking action to solve countless mental health problems as well as finding solid solutions to ensure that all the problems will be solved appropriately. Moreover, we help our clients and partners build a long-term community for a better cultural environment in the organization, our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service to any client and partner that needs support at any time.
Website: https://jaifully.com
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